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Heuristic   methods   and   pattern   recognition   do   not   correspond   adequately   with   the   latest   state   of   technology.   Blue   Shield   Umbrella   utilises specific   mathematics   for   its   anomaly   recognition,   this   makes   malware   predictive   and   transparent.   Latest   technology   and   the   input   of   several Security   Providers   coupled   with   advanced   analytics;   this   is   the   innovative   combination   that   ensures   perils   are   not   only   recognised   but   also preventively blocked.
Why Blue Shield Threat Intelligence ? DNS Services Built for Europe’s First Security Platform
IT Security of the Future
      European Threat Intelligence
Made in Austria
Innovative, Technical Concept Instead   of   the   usual   root-DNS-server,   the   Intelligence   DNS   Centers   are   requested   for   name   resolution.   These   communicate with the European Threat Intelligence Defence Center and retrieve an assessment of inquired names from there in real-time. In   case   a   name   is   blocked,   the   inquiring   server   will   be   informed   and   the   clients   receive   a   notification   about   the   respective blocking. Through   this   innovative   technology,   an   attack   will   be   prevented   before   it   takes   place   as   the   download   of   malicious   codes   is thwarted; in addition, the function of already existing botnets, Trojans or the likes is put at a stop. Communication   with   the   control   servers   is   no   longer   possible   and   the   malware   becomes   ineffective.   Thus   it   becomes transparent in the LAN, since the communication with the control servers doesn’t work but is still sought; The   European   Threat   Intelligence   Defence   Center   inspects,   with   the   help   of   numerous   techniques,   the   inquired   servers   for compromise   and   saves   results   accordingly   within   a   database. Thereby,   mathematical   computations   are   included.   Not   only   will perils be recognised but systematically locked out.
The advantages of Blue Shield Umbrella at a glance The    combination    of    established    recognition    methods    and    predictive computations   through   mathematical   algorithms   provides   best   protection against malware in real-time via cloud based Threat Intelligence Inspection   takes   place   outside   your   LAN;   therefore,   potential   malicious software cannot get into your net No    consumption    of    valuable    resources    such    as    processing    power, internal memory or hard drive No   update   mechanisms   necessary;   therefore,   no   reviews   of   any   update functions Averted risks and measured efficiency accessible at the client’s portal Independent from the IT landscape and operating systems in the LAN Protection also given with older systems, e.g. Windows 95 or XP Protection of proprietary systems and industrial IT components Absolutely no transmission of personal data No software installation in the LAN necessary Simplest implementation and roll out No administrative effort
Blue   Shield   Umbrella    is   suitable   for   every   size   of   enterprise,   as   well   as   every   imaginable   line   of   business.   Regardless   of   whether   it is commerce, production, distributor or other branches of industry, everyone benefits from this innovative technology.
BLUESHIELD UMBRELLA Enforcement Network security service protects any device, anywhere THREAT INTELLIGENCE Discover and predict attacks before they happen
DNS Communication with Blue Shield Umbrella
Blue   Shield    Security   GmbH    specializes   in   the   development   of   high   quality   security   technologies   and   offers   unique   software   as   a   service worldwide.   We   block   Malicious   software,   Fake   websites,   Infected   traffic   (C&C),   Ransomware,   CEO   fraud   attacks   and   other   previously unknown Internet threats.
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